Info for brewers

Info for brewers

Would you like to see your beer served at our festival?

The Gents Bierfestival is somewhat different from other festivals: we select the beers ourselves, and we also serve the beers ourselves.
For that is not possible as a brewer to have your own bar or stand.

Would you like to have your beer selected and served? Send us a taster and maybe we select your beer for our next festival!
We select the beers via a jury of ‘beermasters’ who evaluate the beer on different areas based on expertise.
The first selection is via ‘blind tasting’. When the taste stands out the crowd other criteria as availability and price are checked. When all suits in the spirit of the festival, the beer is selected.
We take max. 2 beers per brewery, and buy mostly an equivalent of 8 liter.
Those quantities can differ if for example we can make a deal that the brewer or seller takes back the non-sold beer.

We also appreciate raffle prizes but that in no way influences the choice whether a beer will be selected or not.

Would you like your beer to compete?
Send a mail to or send us a message on fb at:

We hope to hear from you soon!