Gents Bierfestival
10th edition

Saturday 17 August 2019

Counting the days until the next edition

Over 100 beers

Put your taste buds to work because we selected top beers from all over the world!

Unique tasting glasses

To make sure you can taste more different beers, we serve max. 15cl

Everyone is welcome!

Because our festival is the cosiest of all beer festivals!

10th Ghent Beerfestival

What started 10 years ago as a small event, grew to a yearly festival that people look forward to!

Thanks to the beautiful garden and refectory of the VIP school, we are not only a festival for the beer geeks, but for everyone.

So bring your nephew, grandmother or pet and come to taste some top beers we have selected for you. Every year we try to satisfy anyone’s taste: a refreshing IPA, a stout that can replace a dessert or a geuze so acid you go completely wild.

As good hosts, we also forsee a bite with the drinks.

In other words, only good reasons to come and visit.